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A Guide to Nordic Walks

Taster Session

A short introductory session that will help you understand just how beneficial Nordic walking can be and how it is more than just walking with a pole and different from using a trekking pole.  This session will give you a sense of how light you will feel on your feet, how you will use the whole body and why you will need to take the time to learn the technique.

Learn to Nordic Walk

Using the award winning Nordic Walking UK 4 week course this will help you to not only learn the Nordic walking technique but will help you to use it in order to achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

Each session adds another 'gear' and helps you to understand how to gain propulsion, gradually increase the workload.  Run over four 45 minute sessions in a relaxed group suitable for all levels with the emphasis on having fun.

Adventure Walks – Gear 2

Simply enjoy sociable Nordic walking in stunning locations with a mixed ability group. Lead by accredited instructors or leaders, these walks make the most of our beautiful country and are a relaxing way to enjoy being active outdoors.

Simply enjoy sociable Nordic walking in various locations with a mixed ability group. Lead by an accredited instructor these walks make the most of the Island and are a relaxing way to enjoy being active outdoors.

Fitness/Interval Sessions – Gears 3 and 4

For those who have completed the Learn to Nordic walk course - these action packed sessions are designed to help you to improve your fitness levels and add something a little difference to your training but with the emphasis on fun

Bungypump Walks

These will be coming soon and be ready to have some fun!

The Bungypump has a unique built in resistance designed to make you push a little bit more during these sessions. Varying levels of resistance can be used, this is not just for regular walkers but for those who want to push themselves a little bit further.  More information about these sessions will follow shortly




With all the walks and sessions we respect people’s busy agendas and do like to start promptly. Please arrive at least 10 mins before the start.

Please do not be offended if we do not wait whilst you get yourself sorted. We do a warm up close by so please do catch up.

For more information on all the above please email info@muscletherapygg.co.uk or call Carol on 07781 106947